Property Owner Services

Own a home on the Isle of Palms or Folly beach and looking for a Property Management Company to rent your home? Look no further! Our team of property managers has everything you need to make owning a second home a pleasure... that is after all why you purchased it in the first place!

Carolina One Vacation Rentals offers a fine collection of luxury vacation rentals on Charleston's most pristine beaches.

  1. Competitive Rates - We offer a competitive fee for professional management services. Our vision is to partner with our owners of quality accommodations to provide the ultimate guest experience.
  2. No Hidden Fees - If we replace your light bulb we charge you for... A LIGHT BULB! Any maintenance is done at cost.
  3. Owner Communication - We maintain regular communication through monthly reports, e-mails and other correspondence. Have a question? We will respond within 24 hours.
  4. Owner Statements - We provide you with monthly and annual owner statements, year end income, expense statements and a 1099
  5. Onsite Management - Weekly walk through of your home during high season to ensure the highest quality control and maintenance.